Never Pau is a collection of fan fiction based on the original Hawaii Five-O TV series that ran from 1968 to 1980. (If you’re looking for stories where Kono is a girl, you are not in the right place.) While this groundbreaking series, with its interesting crime plots, beautiful setting, and compelling team relationships has been off the air for many years now, it still inspires us to write.

The stories on this site were written by the members of the former Hawaii Five-O Fanfic Ohana writers’ group. The Fanfic Ohana was created to be a place where writers can experiment with all genres and styles of fiction in a friendly atmosphere. So, on this site you will find a broad range of stories, including slash, gen, humor, and dark, and everything from tiny drabbles to multi-chapter epics. Many of the stories posted were written in response to challenges on the group. For example, a challenge might be to use particular words, phrases, or scenarios in a story.
Stories are organized by author/pen name. Click on the names at the left to go to an author’s page, where you will find a profile and links to that author’s fics.

We hope you enjoy reading these stories, and we welcome feedback. There are links to send feedback email on each author’s profile page and on each story. Constructive criticism is welcomed, but all feedback will be screened by the group owners, and abusive or threatening emails will not be passed on to the authors.
A note about content—because the Hawaii Five-O TV series dealt with serious subjects such as crime, so do many of the stories on this site. As a result, most stories should be considered suitable only for teens and up. There are also fics on this site with explicit sexual content and/or violence. Please pay attention to the information given with each story and also to the author’s profile if you want to avoid such subject matter.

Disclaimer: The authors of the fan fiction in this group do not in any way profit from any story posted here, and all creative rights to the characters belong to their original creator(s). We are just borrowing them to have some fun with, but we promise to return them with only a little wear and tear. All stories are copyright to their authors, and may not be republished in any way or on any other site without the permission of the author.

We hope you enjoy our site. Aloha!